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The Early Church, which was the community of believers in the first days of the Apostles, were a tight knit bunch.  As we read in the book of Acts, chapter 2 verse 42, this posse of folk were united by...
  • their fellowship
  • the teachings of scripture,
  • of breaking of bread [communion - meals] 
  • and in prayer.                                                                                                             

The Greek word there was "koinonia",...a community word that denoted unity and closeness in their growth of faith.  Do we resemble that at all?   We hear teachings weekly, but we often run from opportunities of fellowship, we might have communion together on occasion, and when was the last time we went to a prayer meeting?     Maybe its unrealistic to try to compare US ...to THEM,...but one thing we can be,....is UNITED in heart, and focused TOGETHER to reach families in North Macomb.  This we can do.

                                                                   Pastor Ron

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